SpotStudio is a reduced feature Version of ADRStudio, aimed particularly at those in the field of ADR & Foley 'Spotting', who require less in-depth functionality than that provided in the more comprehensive ADRStudio product. SpotStudio does not contain any of the re-recording functionality contained in ADRStudio. SpotStudio does nevertheless have the ability to print the re-recording log sheets (ADR scripts).

NAME: Robb Navrides
JOB TITLE: Supervising Sound Editor on Desperate Housewives
COMPANY: Technicolour Sound Services
Comments: "We chose SpotStudio because of it's ability
to work with Pro Tools. Features I particularly like
the ability to grab timecode from Pro Tools,
the ability to renumber, and the user editable print-outs"

Info on ADRStudio - SpotStudio's big brother