SpotStudio is a subset of the functionality of Gallery's industry standard ADRStudio product. The functionality for spotting and paperwork generation is exactly the same as ADRStudio, but the re-recording control functionality is omitted.


During spotting for ADR, Foley or any other purpose, SpotStudio grabs in and out times from Pro Tools, or from Gallery's VirtualVTR. Users may then enter additional data for the cue including dialogue, notes, and other fields. This information is entered into a comprehensive list where the data can be sorted, filtered, arranged and printed in a variety of formats, or exported as PDF files.


  • Adds ADR Foley Spotting with your Avid Pro Tools
  • Interacts with Pro Tools timeline for Spotting
  • Automatically genrates paperwork in various formats
  • Import Export to FileMaker Database, and other formats.
  • Intuitive and clear script list of all cues
  • Import Export compatibility with ADRStudio