Session Browser marks a significant step forward for Pro Tools users in challenging post production environments. With powerful session management features for large projects and work groups, plus incredible session manipulation tools, Session Browser is an essential addition to any Pro Tools workstation.

This software offers users a unique tool for analysing and processing multiple Pro Tools session files. Session Browser allows users to quickly 'unwrap' Pro Tools sessions into a browser where media usage, drive dependency and much more can be determined without even booting Pro Tools. The simple user interface allows you to drag and drop session files, then click on them to reveal the sessions contents, Pro Tools regions and dependent soundfiles, and identify the required media to open the session. In an environment where it is not uncommon to spread a large session across half a dozen different hard discs, each used by several other members of the audio team, an efficient way of locating and utilising your media is essential.

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• Drag ‘n’ drop browsing of session contents and
dependent files
• Automatic ‘Resolving’ of broken file connections in
• Identify missing files and their parent drives
• One click Archiving of Session and dependant files
• Session SampleRate convertor - translates audio and
• Session Varispeed - instantly fix synchronisation
• Drag and drop file management
• Display plug in usage for TDM Sessions
• View Session contents even when audio is off-line
• Spot Regions from one session into another
• Identify mismatched sample rates in session files
• Fix or prevent other common session problems

SessionBrowser takes this much further, allowing powerful processing of Pro Tools 4.0 sessions, including a Session Sample Rate Convertor which can turn a 48k Session into a 44.1k session and back again, processing all the necessary soundfiles and the session itself. Similarly SessionBrowser has a VariSpeed session function which can convert sessions from 24<->25 FPS, pull up and down sessions, correct sample rate mistakes, make filenames unique, and offer user definable ratios to correct random sync problems where the session runs slightly too slow or too fast. In a world where audio material passes through so many different stages, rate problems are always a major issue. Session Browser also allows the display of Plug in usage for sessions, and a host of facilities for session manipulation including tools to help with 32 and 48 channel Pro Tools systems.

Session Browser also integrates and develops some of the Pro Tools related functions introduced in Gallery's legendary SampleSearch application such as Session Resolving, whilst adding intelligent session archiving. Session browser has many other extremely useful and powerful tools including detection of session / file sample rate mismatches and shared media usage.

"Session Browser is the most useful
Pro Tools utility I have ever used"