Strata Complete now available :

Strata Pro and Strata Lite Bundled

The iPad and iPhone Remote Control for BMD ATEM Switchers


NEWS: The Current version of Strata is compatible with ATEM v6.9 and all older ATEM versions back to 3.4.  The new HyperDeck control capabilities of ATEM can be driven from the macros panel in Strata Pro


Strata delivers a unique touch driven surface for controlling ATEM Switchers. Perfect for live environments, Strata communicates directly with your switcher via a Wifi access point so does not require a computer.


Strata offers a range of features, depending on the version you purchase and the device you run it on.

Strata Pro : Designed to provide extensive remote control of your switcher from an iPad, Strata Pro controls all the main buttons on ATEM TelevisionStudio & ATEM 1ME and 2ME, including both MEs of the ATEM 2ME switcher. As well as the Program and Preview busses, Strata Pro controls selection of downstream and upstream key on-air, key-next, dsk ties, dsk auto, transition style, and fade to black. In addition to the large CUT and AUTO buttons and thumb controlled T-Bar allows creative control of transitions. A second panel provides one touch assignment of sources to be routed to the Auxilliary outputs of the 1ME and 2ME (all six outputs). A third panel provides faders and metering for all the audio channels of your switcher. Finally 16 recordable EMEM Macros allow recording of control sequences up to 256 steps for immediate recall, or you can use ATEM native macros in fourth pop down panel.

Strata Lite : Designed to provide basic switching control from iPads or iPhones, to be used by less experienced operators, or even by on screen talent, on iPad, Strata Lite provides control of Program and Preview busses, plus Auto, Cut and TBar. On iPhone, Strata Lite provides only program bus source selection on large buttons. although a preference allows each press to transition through preview and the current auto transition.


Strata View : In order to test communications with your switcher, or to use as a tally display (for a limited number of connections), Strata View is a free version of Strata Lite which displays switcher status, but does not allow control of the switcher.

 Compatibility : Strata supports devices running iOS 5.1.1 and later delivers a unique touch driven surface for controlling ATEM Switchers running firmware version 3.4 or later. Strata has been actively tested across the whole range of Apple iPads and iPhones with iOS 5.1.1, thru 9.3.2 and ATEM 3.4 thru 6.9


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