Since 1992, Gallery have been innovators in Audio & Video Technology.

We lead the pack, and create cutting edge technologies for a modern workflow:-

We count the worlds leading professionals amongst our clients.

Many of our technologies are industry standard, and are used by
almost every major film studio and post production facility world wide.

We create exclusively for Macintosh, and our technologies, systems and products,
are created in conjunction with esteemed industry professionals, to ensure that they are 100% effective.

Gallery have a wealth of experience in both hardware and software development for audio and video.
To date the company has published over 40 software titles, and over a dozen hardware innovations.
Gallery has also written software products for Sony, EMU Systems and IEC Sienna

Gallery Technologies continue to be use on hundreds of big budget movies.
Star Wars Episode I, II and III, rates amongst our most favourite projects over the years,
during which Gallery were privileged to work directly along side George Lucas,
Rick McCallum
and Matthew Wood
Lucasfilm are forward thinking, and constantly embrace new technology,
this makes working on their projects particularly enjoyable.
In addition to providing technologies to Lucasfilm,
In addition to providing technologies, 'Gallery Studios' hosted a number of
Star Wars ADR recording sessions at their London base.
This studio is now used exclusively by our film production company.

Gallery technologies are the choice of
Matthew Wood of LucasFilm,
Oscar Winning Dane A. Davis,
and many more trail blazing industry talents



Here is a list of innovative technologies
that we introduced to the industry.

1992 - SampleSearch
the world's first sound effects management tool
for online files in Macintosh

1993 - CDStudio
the world's first Audio CD Transfer tool
to read sub track indexes.

1995 - Interpreter
the world's first
desktop software to read and
convert Akai format sampler disks.

1995 - VoicePro
the world's first batch audio recorder for multimedia,
this spawns the development of rich multimedia
projects with vast numbers of audio files,
such as speaking dictionaries and advanced video games

1996 - DATStudio
the world's first and only desktop software to read
Audio DAT tapes with timecode and subcode
at double speed using a special DDS DAT mechanism.

1996 - TurboMorph
the world's first software to perform audio
batch processing for multimedia using plug ins.

1997 - VirtualVTR
the world's first QuickTime based video player
with 9-pin control.

1997 - ADRStudio
the world's first portable ADR solution for Pro Tools,
used in ground breaking location
ADR sessions on Star Wars Episode 1.

1998 - SessionBrowser
the world's first Pro Tools session manipulation tool,
offering SampleRate and FrameRate conversion
of complete sessions,
and automated relinking of media.

1998 - Mtools
the world's first sound effects management system
which quickly became the first industry standard
used by more than 2000 Pro Tools users.
Mtools is also the first SFX library system to actively
manage, audition and deliver surround sound effects.

1999 Axis
the world's first surround panner joystick for Pro Tools,
integrated with Kind Of Loud Surround Panner plug in.

2000 - Alkali
the world's first Rex-File based loop jam system.

2002 LibraryLoader
the world's first and only
Sound Effects CD transfer system
for OSX which read Sub track indexes
from the CD subcode

2003 - MetaFlow
the world's first practical OMF workflow for disk-based 24-bit location sound recorders, Avid and ProTools

2004 - PictureReady!
the world's first QuickTime video capture system
which allows picture playback
and editing during capture enabling
QuickTime based real time workflows

2006 - Sienna
the world's first Mac based MOS Device for Live News.

2008 Sienna VSControl
the world's first and only Mac based automation control of
Omneon Spectrum Video servers using TCP/IP

2012 Sienna MediaVortex
the world's first WAN acceleration system to support
growing video files during transfer over UDP